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公司成立于2010年3月18日。自成立至今一直努力开拓进取并发展壮大, 依托管理、科技、人才三大优势,高速优质地建设了一大批国家级、省部级重点项目,浇注了一座座精品工程,赢得了各方的赞誉。

执行董事 总经理:杨镇宁

    The company,founded in 2010,3,18.Since its establishment,has been trying to work hard,pioneering spirit,growing,relying on the management,technology and talent advantage,high speed and quality to build a large number of national and provincial key projects,won the praise of the parties. 
    Exquisitely carved and our feet on the ground; Mind the word,of our ideals. For the future, we will continue adhering to the"quality first, top speed,service first,performance of choose and employ persons,the enterprise prosperous common people"work,continuously devote to the harbor,residence buildings , municipal , railway , steel structure , foundation treatment , landscaping , and other areas of the project , with the most optimal products and best services to shape the company's brand , as usual , and try our best to make the customer satisfied.
    The company sincerely look forward to your participation and support , let us win-win cooperation with you and forge ahead hand in hand , and altogether create the glorious future .

Executive Director & General Manager
Yang Zhenning

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